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Flying Ducks – Set of 3 Decoupaged Ducks


What would Hilda Ogden have to say? Would these get pride of place on her 'muriel'? We like to think so! Our set of three decoupaged flying ducks have brought the old classic bang up to date. Made from MDF, each duck has been carefully decoupaged and then finished with several protective coats of laquer. Our flying ducks are a stylish, but undeniably quirky and fun wall decoration.

If you'd like your ducks decorated to match your decor, contact us, as they can usually be personalised.

Have you seen our Flying Seagulls?


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Product Information

In stock Dimensions: Large - 280mm x 200mm x 6mm; Medium - 220mm x 150mm x 6mm; Small - 160mm x 110mm x 6mm MDF Supplied with Command Damage Free hanging strips or equivalent.